How to Prepare for KC Fashion Week

It's almost that time again!

KC Fashion Week starts this week and I'm itching to see all of the new designs on the runway. I have been covering the shows for the past 6 seasons or so and love every minute of us it. It's always refreshing to see familiar faces and embrace new ones as well. I'm going to share my step by step-by-step guide of how I prepare for KC Fashion Week!

You can apply these same steps to any fashion show or important networking event in your career field!

1. New business cards

If you love your old design, then stick with that. I need new cards, so I will be buying new cards like tomorrow. I should have already got new cards ordered, but I kept putting it off. If you are active on social media it is imperative to put your handle on your business cards. People want to see who you are and how you interactive online before they'll do business with you. If you want more networking + blogging tools just let me know below!

2. Fresh paint jobs + Spice up hair

Every woman needs a mani and pedi before any big event. I do mine at home, so I'm not saying that you should spend money, but you do need to take some time out to pamper yourself. You never know who you will encounter and it is important for you to be prepared for anything! As for KC Fashion Week, I switched up my hair and did my nails. I rarely wear anything, but clear or nude polish on my fingernails. Chipped polish is a no, no.

Drea's post about China Glaze's Chine Rouge Nail Lacquer got me thinking about why I never wear color on my nails. Head on over to her site and read my comments to get the inside scoop. Do you guys want to discuss nail color? Let me know in the comment box!

On the topic of hair...


Make any hair appointments in advance or early on the morning the day of.

Last season was awesome. I got to attend with some of my Mizzou friends!

3. Style an outfit for each show

I went crazy on Friday night styling looks for the blog, KC Fashion Week, Atlanta, and another huge networking event that I will be attending today. Here are a few style tips without spilling the beans, DRESS TO KILL. Be true to who you are, but style yourself a little more festive than usual. Bloggers tend to be laid back people, so occasionally you'll catch up in jeans sitting on the front row. I put together 2 simple and chic looks!

4. Plan for parking + Traffic

KC Fashion Week is taking place at Union Station, so parking costs less than $10. I like to park a little further for free. Walking in hills up + down a hill sucks, but I like to save money where I can. I like to arrive a little after doors open to give myself time to take pictures, network, and enjoy the moment before the show. I started out attending KC Fashion Week as a volunteer my sophomore year of college, which just happens to be when I started blogging, so it's always a great time to reflect. I encourage you to find 1 to 2 events that you attend annually. Those events will serve as reminders of how far you have come. Enjoy those moments!

You'll probably see me with my little, big cousin Eranne Whiters!

5. Set a goal of business cards to give out

I honestly never thought about giving myself a goal until I attended the Karen Civil Tour in the fall. Civil is super successful and has been called the next Oprah. She is a digital media pioneer and expert. Yet she's super chill and laid back, so she made it a point to set a goal of how many business cards to give out at each event she attended early on in her career. That was a great nugget! (5 Takeaways from the Live Civil Tour)

So for KC Fashion Week, my goal is to pass out 10 cards per night. I say pass out, but that means sparking conversation + sending out follow up emails later in the week + starting new relationship.

That's all folks! I'm ecstatic to kick off my spring break by attending KC Fashion Week!

How are they going? Let's chat below!