How to Do It All When You Work Full-time

How to Do It All When You Work Full-time

Do you feel like it's impossible to accomplish everything on your To Do List? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of items you need to do every week? I get it. This used to be my life until I adapted some of the practices that are listed below. Before you jump into this blog post, I want you to list out what's important to you.


How far down your list is your name? Did you make the cut at all? Self-care should be at the top of your list. You cannot give from an empty cup. Use the practices and tips below as guiding lights to finding time for yourself. It has taken me a really long-time to make myself a priority. But in doing so, I've found that I'm happier and more willing to give time and energy to others.

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Trello is life for my brand. I use it to plan out my week and organize reoccurring business tasks. Trello has a website and mobile app which makes it easy to access at all times. Trello is perfect for side-hustlers who do freelance work along with their day job and run a family. It's been a game changer to see tasks move over to my done board. There are tons of ways to organize boards. For example, you can organize your boards with To-Do by category and priority or by days of the week.


Social Media Strategy

If you're posting for the sake of posting then you're WASTING TIME AND ENERGY. Click here to read 3 reasons why nobody cares about your brand. You need to invest in a social media or hire me to create a plan for you. You don't have time to waste posting to Facebook and Twitter in real-time. Use a scheduling app like Hootsuite or Facebook's native platform to schedule content in advance. If you're super busy after work with the kids then use Saturday mornings to schedule content for a week at a time. If you can't schedule content for 7 days at a time, then try scheduling for half of the week on Monday evenings. Find a day that works for you then stick to it. If you're super swamped like I am, then hire an assistant to schedule your social media. You will pay in time or coins, so choose wisely.

Delegate Tasks

Are you doing everything well? Even if you're super talented, you aren't the best at everything. Your side-hustle will flourish when you learn to delegate tasks. Delegate things that you're not good at or don't have the time for. Make sure you set a standard and create a process that is easy to follow before looking for someone to delegate a tasks to. You cannot invite someone into chaos and confusion with an expectation of saving time. If you don't set the bar then you'll waste time explaining the same details over and over again. Get it together BEFORE you delegate anything.

Daily Priorities

This one changed the game for me. I was literally driving myself crazy trying to do everything everyday. I was trying to write content, schedule content, engage with my followers, pitch brands and have a WHOLE life all in one day. When I began to use Trello to organize my business tasks by days of the week, life got easier. For example, on Mondays I write content and on Saturdays I film and/or shoot content. Daily priorities give me the power and freedom to skip days if I work ahead. If I can crank out 2 posts along with all email content for 2 weeks then I have a free Monday for "me time." The biggest change that you can make to give yourself time to do it all is to set daily priorities in life and in business.

How to Do It All When You Work A 9 To 5

Set less goals

I used to try to do 30 things in 30 days and was always failing. I know that everything seems important. In the wise words of my Pastor and First Lady, "If everything is important than nothing is." You do not have time to take on 30 goals everyday, but you can set 2 to 5 per week then work on those daily. I like to create huge To-Do List for the month then break those out by: Jasmine Diane, City of Truth Church and Freelance. Within those categories, I give myself 1 to 2 days per week to get each goal accomplished.

Passive Income

Ding ding. Passive income is income that you make with minimal effort. You can sustain your business and increase your life by creating passive income. I sell my branding ebooks and workbooks as passive income. An extra $50 to $100 per month sure does come in handy when it's time to shop or get a manicure. I encourage all side-hustlers to create a few forms of passive income in order to free up time. Passive income is a great way to brand yourself. Click here to read how to brand yourself using free tools.

Positive Energy

You have to change your mindset about getting things done to properly accomplish your goals. Rome wasn't built in one day and neither were you. Give yourself grace when it comes to reaching your goals. Practically speaking, tell yourself that you can accomplish your goals. Your mind must arrive at a destination before your life does. I encourage you to pray and meditate on positive things.

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Philippians 4:8 NLT

I hope that you are not overwhelmed after reading this post. Use these practices and tips to help you become more productive. I wish that I knew I could organize my tasks by days or the week when I first started my business.  Don't waste time like I did.

That's all folks! I hope this post gave you clarity and ideas for ways that you can do it all. Please share your thoughts below and subscribe to my new YouTube channel here. Peace.