Fluffy GRL Summit 2013

The Second Annual Fluffy GRL Summit took place on April 21, 2013 on the campus of the University of Missouri. The slogan of the summit was "Empower the Fluff." The summit was meant to empower and uplift plus size women in particular, but women as a whole. It was awesome to hear and see women who did not let the labels that society placed on them dictate their futures or present circumstances. The

Fluffy GRL Summit

was a great event and I hope that you all will support it in the future!

I really enjoyed the summit because it involved everything that

Fashion Stories is about from self-esteem building, to goal building, to fashion.  The atmosphere of the summit was inviting and positive. It was simply amazing to see so many women coming together to empower and uplift one another. The

Fluffy GRL Summit

included a panel discussion and a fashion show. The fashion show included various categories, from swimwear, to sunday's best, to professional attire, to nighttime attire. There was something in the show for everyone. Both segments of the summit were filled with

laughter and smiles.

Ebonie and I after the fashion show.

I took a lot away from the Fluffy GRL Summit. Although I am not what some would consider fluffy I feel as though it is important to build self-esteems in women, across all nationalities and body types. Often times we are manipulated by societies norms or rules, but it takes courage to be confident in your own skin. So you should look yourself in the mirror daily and say, "You're beautiful, handmade by the King." Saying little things like this will help you to feel empowered in your everyday life. Life is too short to sit around living out someone else's dreams or looking like anyone other than the gorgeous lady God created you to be.

It's totally okay to throw on makeup and a pair of high heels and strut your stuff every now and then. Not that you have to cake on makeup everyday to give yourself some type of self worth, but that you love makeup and you love the way it makes you feel. It's okay to love makeup, jewelry, tattoos, and funky hair colors. But whatever you do, love yourself. As long as you're not going against God, hurting yourself or others, then I'd say throw caution to the wind and do it! Life is short and full of surprises so enjoy your good days beautiful!

Fashion Stories will always support events that uplift and empower women. It does not matter what you look like on the outside to God anyway, he looks at the heart. I can't wait to see what the Fluffy GRL Summit will include next year. With each passing year the show only gets bigger and better. Ebonie and Clarissa you both did an amazing job!

Much Love, Jas

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