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Fit Fridays: My Progress + 3 Tips for Success

Lifestylejasmine diane

It has been 6 weeks now and I'm finally starting to see progress! I'm super freaking happy. I have a long way to go and that excites me more than I can explain here. To keep it short and sweet, my fat rolls are melting away.  Believe it or not, I wear a 32DDD bra and a 10 in jeans. I'm all for thick thighs and full breasts, but the unexpected back fat and love handles aren't sexy to me.

I don't have a thigh gap, but I'm proud of what I have. The reason I started getting back into fitness is because I wasn't proud of what I looked like naked. You have to own the space that you dwell in, ya know?

6 weeks ago I started my transformation. I've learned that being active can cut down stress, pain is good, and that ice cream is not my friend. I hope that my fitness journey and blog as a whole inspire you to do the same! Life is short, so chase your dreams with a clear mind and healthy body.Now let's talk numbers:

As of March 11, 2015
Waist: 32" | Loss of 1 1/2"
Stomach: 34 1/2" | Loss of 1 1/2" Weight: 170 lbs

3 Tips for Success 1. Work out in groups: I have had some of the greatest work outs with my friends. I love the encouragement and conversation. Try to find a couple of work out partners and work out with them once to twice per week. It's always nice to lift with another beautiful soul. 2. Do different types of work out throughout the week: This was my biggest struggle before the warmer weather. Now I like to walk outside for extended periods of time and do kickboxing videos. I'm a fan of the treadmill and lifting as well. If you're bored try rock climbing, biking, or hiking a new trail. 3. Drink more water: You need to drink more water and maybe even tea. You can never drink too much water. Water clears your skin, helps your organs run smooth, and is great for digestion, etc. Add more water to your diet. I just got a new water bottle and I'm a tad bit obsessed with the way it looks. I haven't used it yet.

I hope that this helped! Most of my advice is practical and easy to follow. (I hope) Let me know if you have any suggestions! Peace and love! For more fitness posts click here.

What type of physical activity do you like to do? Where do you see yourself in the next 6 weeks? It's game time. Summer is almost here!