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Fit Fridays: My Favorite Healthy Snack + Treat Ideas

Lifestylejasmine diane
Fit Fridays: My Favorite Healthy Snack + Treat Ideas

I must admit that I'm addicted to frozen yogurt. It's a healthy alternative to ice cream and boy oh boy is it yummy! I have a few favorite recipes for toppings to share and other healthy treat ideas. I'm focus on losing inches + pounds for graduation, but this is just the beginning of my fitness journey. I want to transform my naked body into something I love to look at. That is the beauty of fitness, you get to transform the place that you dwell in. You only get 1 body and 1 life, so treat it right!
Topping Ideas for Frozen Yogurt
Cheesecake frozen yogurt + strawberries + banana + granola
Vanilla frozen yogurt + blue berries + black berries + kiwi + strawberry + mango
Chocolate frozen yogurt + strawberries + bananas
Mint frozen yogurt + bananas
Cheesecake frozen yogurt + mangos + peaches
Tip: Try new flavors and different fruits. You might be surprised to see how your taste buds change as you change your diet. Try sprinkling flax seeds on top of your yogurt.
Healthy Treat Ideas
Cheerios w/o milk (My alternative to Cheez Its because they're high in sodium.)
Raw carrots + apple slices
Black berries + grapes + strawberries (fruit salad)
Apple sauce
Celery + apples with peanut butter
Tip: Pack snacks to keep your metabolism going throughout the day. Snack in between each meal.
I hope that this helped you to get your creative fitness juices going. What are you snacking on? Do you like frozen yogurt or sorbet?