Dos and Don'ts For Newbie Bloggers

Dos and Don'ts For Newbie Bloggers
Dos and Don'ts For Newbie Bloggers by jasmine cooper of

I get asked questions about blogging all of the time, so I decided to write a post detailing key things to both avoid and indulge in as a newbie blogger. I started my first blog back in November 2012 and haven't looked back since. There have been some breaks, content changes and name changes since of course. Change is good and also essential.

This Post is For You If...
Are you a new blogger? Do you want to share your story online, but have no clue where to start? Are you looking for ways to build your blog readership?

Here is a list of Dos and Don'ts for newbie bloggers:

Do Not
Mix business and pleasure

This goes without question. Women in business have to be especially careful to avoid mixing their personal lives with people they work alongside. Sure, he can be attractive or good for your ego, but at the end of the day blogging is a business. There are billions of men on this planet, so do yourself a favor and avoid dating the ones that you work directly with.

Ignore your audience
This one is essential. You have to listen to your audience. I use Google Analytics along with Squarespace Analytics to track both where my readers are coming from (referral sources) and which posts they are coming to read (popular content). Data doesn't lie, so always start there. Other ways to gage interest are with Twitter polls and simply asking in your image captions on Instagram and Facebook.  Pro tip: Include an incentive to readers for answering your question, like a gift card to Sephora.

Please Do
Start Now

If you haven't started your blog yet or you're unsure what to write about, I suggest that you read "What Is My Purpose" and "Start Now, With What You Have, NOW!" The biggest step in your blogging journey is the first one. You will not get anywhere if you never take that initial leap.

Work with small brands
I choose to work with small brands for a lot of reasons, which I outline in this post. The key takeaway is as you're starting out you won't have huge numbers or really consistent numbers, so you need to work with small brands to help build your following and credibility. 

Write about everything until you find what feels good. I like to encourage people and take pictures so life + style is perfect for me. Also, explore each social channel and until you find your audience. For example, most of my traffic comes from Twitter and Pinterest so I focus my attention on those platforms. 

Maximize your social reach
Social media is my specialty! Here are a couple of posts +my social e-book to help you build your social media presence:

Take breaks from the hustle
Breaks are essential for clarity and peace of mind. Read why you should take a break from the noise here. Blogging is not for everybody, but it's worth giving a try. Blogging saved me from a broken relationship and has lead me to a career that I love. Four years later, I'm still madly in love with what I do and proud of who I have become due to blogging. 

Thank you so much for reading and staying until the end! Are you thinking about starting your own blog? Are you a newbie blogger?

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