Dear Ms. Third Ward (Overcoming Your Flaws)

Dear Ms. Third Ward (Overcoming Your Flaws)
Dear Ms. Third Ward (Overcoming Your Flaws) by

Dear Ms. Third Ward (Overcoming Your Flaws) by

Today is only Tuesday and I have already been asked about admitting my flaws twice this week. First, My professor asked me about my biggest weakness and how I have overcome it. I went on to speak about learning to delegate the work load while I am in groups and how to say no. Which totally makes sense for a natural born leader who hates the word no and hates excuses, right?




The Drea Daily

wrote a post titled,

"On Learning to Love My Lips."

She asked readers what physical feature we had to learn to embrace. Naturally, I was a tad nervous to be transparent but answered with my story about accepting my large nose and hairy arms with time.

I won't lie and say that my self-esteem is always at 100% because I value honesty too much. I am going to be transparent and say that the battle has been mental. Honestly, I never knew that I was different from anyone else until I hit puberty in the third grade. To be the first girl in my entire grade to grow boobs was rough. Then in high school, I was a cheerleader and with that responsibility came the stress of looking perfect each and everyday. I decided to skip over my short lived eating disorder in middle school because I still haven't quite processed what was going through my 12 year old brain for me to want to starve myself.

I don't think that kids or adults for that matter recognize the effects of their comparisons. When you tell someone that they are fat, or that they look like Pinocchio, or that they should shave their arms, that you are leaving mental scars. I have been guilty of this myself.

I shared all of this to let you know that you are amazing and your self-worth is not found in your aesthetics. Honestly, the most beautiful woman on the planet still has flaws. Contrary to what Beyonce says, we all have shortcomings and flaws, but those things do not define us.

Choose to see yourself as beautiful and surround yourself with people/ things that make you feel amazing. Thank you for reading this week's



What flaws have you learned to overcome? Leave your comments below. Let's keep this conversation going. Thank you


for being transparent!