Cupcakes and Connections


Oops, I forgot to share the news. I started my social organization, Cupcakes and Connections, in June. If you follow me on instagram, @TheJasmineDiane, then you've seen me posting flyers to our events. Anywho this post is to give you more information on my org. If you're in Kansas City, come out to our next mixer on September 15. (see flyer below)


What is Cupcakes and Connections?

Have you ever felt like you needed a night out with like-minded, successful business owners? Cupcakes and Connections offers quarterly networking and community building events for people just like yourself. Cupcakes and Connections is a social organization that promotes professional relationship building amongst minority business owners. We pride ourselves on connecting resources and sowing seeds amongst entrepreneurs within the Kansas City Area.


There is nothing more important to the growth of business than networking. We offer high-energy and welcoming events for you to be a social butterfly. Most of our events are free of charge and we serve delicious treats every time. We hope to see you out at the next epic Cupcakes and Connections event.

Why start?

I started Cupcakes and Connections because God told me to. That is the simple answer. There was a huge need and opportunity to connect minority business owners in Kansas City, both young and mature. My advice to you is if you see a problem, fix it. Stop waiting for someone else to bring your community together.

That's all folks! I hope to see you all at our next mixer on September 15, 2015!

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