Clark Rooseveltte

Clark Roosevelt is the full of energy & creativity. He is the full-time owner and operator of CLVR Threads. He also works full-time designing logos and other graphics for local businesses. Clark is also a MC and dancer. He is very talented and has a big heart. It is always a pleasure seeing him out at local events!

What was your motivation behind starting

CLVR Threads?

My sister and I growing up in a two-parent home and still struggling motivated me to start my brand. I almost never got name brand clothes and never ever got a pair of those Saturday release kicks. We shopped at Wal-Mart and got kicks from the clearance rack. But I would always order from Eastbay to window shop and pay close attention to what was hot and try my best to mimic the latest trends with whatever I had. I failed at that mostly.

During high school I never thought of having my own clothing line or being a designer or anything like that because I was really into sports. But when I graduated from high school, I decided not to head off to college because my pops was sick. I needed to find direction for my life, so I turned to fashion. I did not want to wear what everyone else was wearing so I got the idea to make my own clothes. That is when

CLVR Threads


What is your biggest dream or aspiration?

I want

CLVR World

to be an empire. I want to have a strong fan base for my music and do stuff like go on tour to colleges and small theatres music festivals and just spit my version of hip-hop. You know. Tell my story. I want to buy my mom a house and buy my pops a Cadilac. I also want a loving, supporting wife and kids someday.

What fashion story describes you in a nutshell?

My pair of all gold Reebok Pumps, some blue fitted denim jeans, one of my handmade wallet chains hanging from it, a white

Clvr. Threads

“Beginning Credits” tee, forest green Lotus Lipps hoodie with pink lips, a jean jacket with a bunch of buttons and pins on the left chest, big framed readers, a red “Hello I Am Clvr.” snapback and two Clvr. Conundrum Cassette Chains.

Who is your favorite designer?

My favorite designers are Nigo (A Bathing Ape), Jeremy Scott (Adidas and Moschino) and Brian Donnely aka KAWS because of their approach to fashion. They do things their own way and are my favorite examples of creative fashion. They are just being themselves and folks find them trendy and I feel that my approach and vibe is of that same stature.

Who are you trying to reach with your work?

I want to reach our youth. One thing that breaks my heart about my city is the violence our youth commits on one another. Since I graduated from high school in 2008, I have lost 4 homies due to senseless gun/gang violence. It’s a really sad situation in hoods all across the nation. It is part of my message. “CLVR” is the product of two acronyms. One being “Creative Living Vs. Retrospect.”

Which means just think of a different way to live, find a more productive way to approach life instead of dwelling on what happened in the past and how you behaved yesterday and have a better today. The other is

“Creativity, Longevity, Versatility & Resilience.”

What type of music do you produce?

I describe

my music

as conscience, feel good hip-hop with a tight flow. I have live beats and crazy word with a message. Fans say that I have an old school hip-hop feel and my voice sounds like I’m from New York with a nice catchy flow and lyrics.

Who are your favorite local artists?

Joey Davis, Petey Sensay, Rachel Turner, Kutty Bear, Hgh Clss, Huey P, Coast Free, Brenden “Slinky” Wade, and Alias Abid.

What is the message behind your lyrics?

My message is my story. My story is the reason why I rap, beatbox, design, and dance. I want to motivate folks and grab fans that relate to me because I’m spittin about situations that they have been in and are going through. I am just trying to spread peace, love, to motivate, and to inspire folks. Of course I will have tracks about sex and vanity as well.

How can


readers hear your music?

Well my first official single “Oct. 5th” is being posted on


. The video for “Oct.5” will be shot, directed and edited by Brent Scarborough and I. We have not chosen a date for that yet but I also have some music posted on youtube at Then The Shakespearement Lp will finally be available for free on on Jan. 3, 2014.

What mark do you want to leave on this world?

I want folks to know that I was just dude going through life in a peaceful, joyful, creative, ambitious, motivating, charismatic and hilarious manor. I want people to know that everything I accomplished I did it being myself and I want my loved ones to smile and laugh and be proud to have known someone like myself.

What career advice do you have for 



Be yourself. There is no competition when it comes to your being yourself. Whatever you want to do in life that makes you happy, chase it. Invest in yourself because if you won’t put everything you got into what you want to do then no one else will.

How can


readers contact you?

Clvr. Threads








Clark Rooseveltte





Thank you for an honest and though out interview. I am looking forward to seeing your career blossom. Your originality and creativity will definitely make you the big bucks. I am really happy that we met and I can't wait to receive my

CLVR Threads

tee. Bigger things are coming your way and I am super excited for you!

Much Love,Jas