#BlackGirlMagic with Vanne McMillan

#BlackGirlMagic with Vanne McMillan

Dare to dream, they say. Vanne McMillan is #BlackGirlMagic, effortlessly. I'm not just talking about her career success, bomb style and colorful hair... it's her easy Kansas City girl demeanor and fearlessness that inspires me. I have been following Vanne for a couple of years now and her growth is unmatched.

Oftentimes goals seem unreachable to black girls because nobody who looks like us has "made it." Vanne is that shining star for me and countless other Kansas City girls. She relaunched her collection, "Milkshake," last night at Urban Fashion Fest and we had a few moments to catch up. Three words to describe Vanne: honest, charming and fearless.

1:1 w/Vanne
What changed when you left Kansas City?

What changed when I left Kansas City? Me. I moved about 4 ½ years ago with the expectations of what I’m doing now but just to do it a little sooner, but that wasn’t in God’s plan. I think the biggest change was my spirit. I grew up in the church, and went to catholic school but still did not have a spiritual relationship with God or even myself. I left Kansas City insecure in myself, scared of my craft, fear of being great, not really understanding who I was or my purpose.

Being isolated from your family, friends, and any sense of comfortability will definitely change you. Hardships change you. Being homeless and being so uncomfortable will absolutely change you. And I went through all these changes which makes me appreciate the position I’m in with my journey right now so much more. And that has also played a huge part into my design process, as well as my styling.   

You sell branded #BlackGirlMagic t-shirts. What is #BlackGirlMagic? How do I become a magical black girl?

Black Girl Magic, lol. Right now it’s a wave. Black Girl Magic the definition of the essence of black women. The magic we possess which makes this world go round. Our lips, hips, ass, hair, charisma, determination, our fight to protect our families, it is what makes us unique from any other women in this universe. Do I think every black girl has black girl magic? No, I don’t. I think it comes from knowing your struggle as a black women  in this world. It is knowing how to still being the biggest star or lady in the room and handling yourself better than the expectations that the world tries to give you, with grace and class. It’s not for everybody, even though everyone will try to act as if it is entitled to them, but it’s not. It’s something you work for.

Black Girl Magic is the moment when you enter a room full of people who may or may not know you, but are dying to be in your presence because your energy screams that loud without you opening your mouth. Which makes Black Girl Magic real and makes sense to me.

What's next for you? How can readers connect with you?

OMG!! This New York move in two weeks; I think I did great things and Atlanta and will continue to do work in Atlanta, but New York has been a dream of mine as long as I can remember. And now another dream is coming true. MiLKshaKe by Vanne, getting back to my roots of how and my I started this dream in the first place.

Designing my clothes, and selling them for people to wear. Styling more editorials, I want to definitely get more personal style clients if possible, just building my brand into an empire really. I really just want to keep working in God’s eye, whateva that looks like. So wherever he takes me, whatever he wants me to do, that what I will be doing.

Best way to connect with me is all social media outlets; I’m @vannemcmillan for everything or my website vannemcmillan.com to get your Black Girl Magic T shirts and other apparel from me. Thanks Jas, for the interview, I’m very grateful for this exposure and keep spreading your Black Girl Magic across the world. Very proud of you.

Thank you for reading! Please share this post and give your dreams the chance to flourish. Don't give up and don't you dare settle for less than what you were created to accomplish.