The 5 Best Moisturizers for Natural Hair


These are the 5 best moisturizers for natural hair... at least for my natural hair. I big chopped this summer and haven't looked back since. I have gone through a share of protective styles, tested over 2 dozen products, and gained a huge sense of confidence in myself. Below I outline each moisturizer according to category + usage. Click this link for a discount on natural products in the Curl Kit online shop. Love their stuff!

CreamsCantu Coconut Curling Cream First, This stuff smells like heaven! I use it to moisturize after I wash or co-wash my hair. It doesn't flake!

cantu coconut curling cream
cantu coconut curling cream

Leave-InsCantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioner The best, thick leave-in with a sweet aroma. Keeps my hair soft and makes detangling easy.

Eden Leave-In Light leave-in with a great smell as well! I sometimes use this leave-in conditioner in place of water to wet my dry hair. It's full of oils and nutrients.

OilsJamaican Black Castor Oil This stuff stinks. Lol but it does help thicken hair. (not that I need any help) I apply this oil to my hair after leave-in conditioner on wash day. I only apply it to wet hair. It apparently helps with edges and hair loss. I haven't tried it for those reasons so I'm not totally sure.

the best moisturizers for natural hair
the best moisturizers for natural hair

Adore Botanicals Oil I love this stuff. The applicator tip makes application quick and easy. It smells great and keeps my scalp moisturized. I use this oil on my scalp, NOT hair.

After nearly 5 months of looking, these are the best 5 moisturizers for natural hair. They all add shine + lock-in moisture without weighing down my hair. I tried coconut oil much like everyone else, and wasn't super impressed. It was heavy on my hair. I had to add that in because I know that a ton of naturals are obsessed with it.

You have to find the moisturizers, oils, and overall products that work best for your hair. I am still trying new products. My next natural hair product post is going to be dedicated to beloved edge tamers or edge control.

  1. Which products are you using on your natural hair?
  2. Do you use any of these products to moisturize your hair?

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