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Beauty 101 + #FeedTheFacts Dinner

Style, Lifestylejasmine diane
Beauty 101 + #FeedTheFacts Dinner

What does #feedthefacts mean? What does it mean to be beautiful? I mean, we all probably think of celebrities or reality TV stars or perhaps our stunning older cousin. What if I told you that you were beautiful and owning your image is Beauty 101? That is exactly what I am saying! Positive body image leads to high self-esteem which leads to better decision making. This post is dedicated to the #feedthefacts campaign and spreading awareness around eating disorders.


The #FeedtheFacts Dinner consisted of a delicious meal from Central Table, which included veggies and chicken. We of course had ice cream and cobbler for dessert. I sat with collegiate bloggers with great personalities and open minds. The #FeedTheFacts Dinner was my favorite Saint Louis Fashion Week Event because of the open conversation and sharing of positive vibes. The Myths Campaign was created to eradicate myths associated with eating disorders. You can views the myths below + learn more here.

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During dinner an eating disorder survivor shared her story with the entire room. Talk about courage! I am so impressed with her and inspired honestly. We all have a story that the world needs to hear. I think that's why I love blogging so much, the fact that my writing inspires positive change does something for me that nothing else does. Use your gifts and #feedthefacts because positivity matters.


It is critical to eradicate the myths about eating disorders so those affected can be properly diagnosed and receive treatment. You can help by learning the facts and speaking up. Get the facts from The Missouri Eating Disorders Council here.

I want to thank The Missouri Eating Disorders Council for giving me the opportunity to share my story, attend this amazing event, and learn more. This post was sponsored by MOEDC, Explore St. Louis, and the Midwest Influencer Network, but all of the views are my own.

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