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Back to School Survival Guide

LifestyleBrea Thompson
Back to School Survival Guide

The season for returning back to school is finally upon us. I cannot believe how quickly the summer has gone by this year. I feel like I just made the two-hour drive from campus and now I am turning around to greet my senior year of undergrad right in the face. As much as my senioritis is kicking in right now, I know that my mindset has to remain approachable.

With that being said, I find that it is best to dive into this school year with everything I have got. Over the past three years, I have learned a lot, but more importantly I have learned that preparation is key. Do not hesitate to jump right in and create a system that fits best for you. Below I have shared some of my back to school tips that help me survive the upcoming semester.


Pack early

As a military child, packing is something that comes much easier to me. However, because it is something that I am used to (and occasionally enjoy doing), I find myself waiting until the last minute. Procrastination for this task has been in full swing since 2012. Do not be me! Create a packing list of the items and clothing that you need to take back to school. Be sure to be realistic! It is always easier to start with the items that you know are easy to get out the way such as supplies, decorations and bedding. This method will help to ensure that you will not forget as many things back at home.

Get organized

Once you return to school, it is important to have a game plan. When you step foot on campus, grab a planner and plan your schedule out in advance to ensure that you stay on track. More importantly, try to create to-do lists. Sometimes it takes writing things down by hand (not a reminder in your phone) to really solidify your commitment to certain tasks. Also, be sure to create a comfortable atmosphere in your room so that you are able to easily find the necessary objects at your convenience.

Secure study spaces

At my school, locations for studying can fill up in an instant! In order to avoid the awkward “Can I sit here?” question time and time again, take the time to find uncommon study areas. This could be as simple as the lounge in your dorm, a friend’s apartment, a table at a café or even the library! As long as you are able to find a few places that will encourage a productive environment, then you should be fine once classes really kick in!

Find hobbies

All work and no play can turn out to be no fun. Every now and then, you will have to find a way to unwind. Go out and explore to find what brings you the most joy when you do not have to study. Whether it is hanging out with friends or getting your nails done, always carve out time for a social life to exist. This will help you stay sane when the chaos becomes too much and you will be surprised at how your interests continue to grow!

Stay positive

I cannot stress this final point enough. School can be demanding and at times stressful. Yet, this journey of undergrad is not meant to break you down. It simply serves as a stepping stone into an even brighter future that is already laid out in your favor. Write yourself inspirational notes to make it through and be sure to remind yourself how amazing you are.

Going back to school can be easy and the tips above can definitely help you. Be sure to share your strategies for getting into school mode in the comments below! We would love to hear from you all.