Back-to-School Accesory Must Haves

The school year is quickly approaching for most of my readers so I decided to put together a small accessory guide for the year. Below are a few pictures with details of some of the hottest accessories for the fall. A lookbook with outfit details will be coming in the near future as well! Stay tuned for the Thee Fashion Stories Facebook Fan Giveaway as well! Things are only getting bigger and better!
1. Chunky Necklace (Jazzibel Jewels)
2. Beaded Bracelets (Custom Jewelry Designs by Jocelyn)
3. Gold Watch (Target)
This accessory combo is perfect for a printed top. The coral beads in the Jazzibel necklace are eye catching! This necklace is definitely a statement piece!This simple gold watch from Target can be dressed up or down. I wear it practically everyday (It only costs me $4!). These awesome custom made bracelets by Jocelyn McField are versatile pieces that can be matched with anything. This "Flashy" look is perfect for days when you want to look "blinged out!"


4. Large Pearl Earrings (Thrift Store)
5. Brown Messenger Bag (Marshalls)
6. Long Gold Necklace (Family Member)
Here is a similar bag from!
The everyday look is simply yet chic. Of course, I am obsessed with gold jewelry so if there is an option I say go gold, but this combo will work with silver pieces as well! A simple chain, bracelet and/or watch, and a pair of earrings screams "CLASSIC!" So for Monday through Thursday easy going days or laid back Fridays this look is awesome! Simple accessories allow your outfit to pop, yet the clothes speak for themselves. This brown messenger bag is cute and simple. I like messenger bags because I can reach in my bag on the go instead of having to take off my "backpack" to find a pen or my water bottle. Which type of bag do you prefer while you're on campus?


Feeling Fancy
7. House of Rena Infinity Scarf (House of Rena)
8. Neon Belt (H&M)
9. Crystal Earrings (Yard Sale)
Are you feeling fancy? Well I sure hope so because this look is for my bold fashionistas. This neon House of Rena scarf is not only cute, but it is soft as a baby's bottom. The House of Rena scarf collection comes in various prints and fabrics so I'm sure that there is one that it perfect for YOU! This neon H&M belt is versatile as well. You can match it with other neons or it would look great with black & white prints as well. Adding a pop of color is always "fancy" and even necessary from time to time!
I hope that you all took a little bit away from this post! I love, love, love all of my accessories and hope that you all support these wonderful small businesses that I have listed below!
Custom Jewelry Designs by Jocelyn: or (816) 699-3250
Photo Credit: Ie'shia McDonald
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