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Outfit Advice to the Girl Who Hates Interviews

Career, StyleJasmine Diane
Outfit Advice to the Girl Who Hates Interviews
outfit advice to the girl who hates interviews

First things first, what are you going to wear? Be modest AKA no cleavage or short hemlines. I always say play it safe with a little personality during your first interview. Let your resume and personality do all of the work. Don't worry sis, once you get the job you can slay every single day.

What to Avoid

  1. Cleavage
  2. Short skirts and dresses
  3. Anything bodycon
  4. Too much perfume... don't give'em too much
  5. 6 inch heels (3 inch pumps are a safe height)
  6. Dull colors (faded jeans, dingy blacks, etc.)

Now that we know what to avoid, here's a list of what to include in your interview look:

  1. Stick to neutral colors, like navy, khaki, black and white
  2. Mild print (top, bag or scarf)
  3. pop of color (lipstick, shoes or belt)

For example, a navy trouser, cream top, red lipstick and metallic pumps for an office job. I wore a black polka dot skirt and orange turtleneck sweater to my ad agency interview with a bright orange lipsticks. The biggest factor is not dressing "professional" AKA in a suit, but dressing for your industry. Your employer wants to know that you're a cultural fit for the job. They can teach you the ins and outs of your position.

The Night Before

Okay now that you've got an idea of what to wear to your interview, make sure you try your outfit on the night before an iron. Once you've got your outfit ready to go for the big interview... look down at your hands. Chipped polish is a huge "NO!" If you can't afford a fresh mani at the nail shop, give yourself a mani at home. Stay away from long acrylic nails and neon colors. You want to come across clean and polished. Fresh nails say that you care about your appearance and are well groomed.

Hair Tips

Outfit? Check. Nails? Check. Hair? Everyday there is another article about natural hair in the workplace, to straighten it or leave it kinky... I say be your best self. Wear your hair in a style that makes you feel confident. Avoid coloring your hair before a big interview, especially a nontraditional color like purple, green or red. Get the job first, then slay your outfits and color your hair. I've changed my hair at least 6 times in the last 6 months since I've been at my current job, so that just goes to show you that change is inevitable. I interviewed with curly crochet hair in my head and started the job with long bundles. #IGetBoredEasy

Now that your look is ready... go nail it!


  1. What is 1 lifestyle change that you can make today to make your life better?
  2. What is your favorite thing about your body?

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