7 Things Every It Girl Needs in Her Purse

7 things every girl needs in her purse

I hate not having what I want or need stuffed into my bag. So to eliminate this annoying issue for you lovely ladies I created a list of 7 Things Every It Girl Needs in Her Purse. This list includes extras outside of the normal keys, wallet, cell phone, and feminine hygiene products that we all carry. Better safe than sorry. This It Girl list is for you both large tote carriers and small clutch lovers alike.

Blot strips or press powder: Pat your nose ladies. I blot my nose 2 to 3 times per day depending on how much oil builds up in my t-zone. I use generic blot strips from Dollar Tree. Press powder is another easy + quick way to get rid of excess oil.

Headphones: Every it girl needs music to fuel her day. I work with my headphones in because I tend to change the station and genre of music often. Currently, I'm obsessed with Adele, Kheyra, and Bryson Tiller. Btw I'm going to see Bryson Tiller in concert tomorrow at Mizzou and I'm super excited!

Gum and/or breath mints: It Girls needs fresh breath on deck at all times!

Red Lipstick: I'm that girl who has a makeup bag dedicated to lipsticks + lip stains. Sorry not sorry, but yes I hoard drug store lipsticks. I'm a girl on a budget with a serious pink and red lipstick obsession. Nudes are growing on me too. Every it girl should have a tube of red lipstick in her purse at all times. Check out 3 Must Have Lipsticks for Fall here.

Lotion: Lubricate those hands ladies!

Journal + writing utensil: This one may be old school, but darn it nothing beats hand writing notes or doodle on the train ride. I keep a small notepad in my purse with at least four pens for times when I'm feeling super inspired or just need to decompress by writing out all of my thoughts. Writing down my goals and to-do list daily has made me more product. Try it!

Eyeliner: This one is for my cat-eye obsessed it girls. I live for a perfect, dark cat eye.... on other people. I rarely wear eyeliner myself. But creating the perfect line dramatizes, major.

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