5 Ways to On the Run Your Wardrobe on a College Budget

5 Ways to On the Run Your Wardrobe on a College Budget

Shop alone. I know that you love going to the malls with your girls, but if you want success sometimes you have to leave them at home! I have much more success shopping alone than with friends. Shopping is an art & it takes time and patience to find the right pieces, especially when you are on a college budget. However, if I am looking for something to wear to a big event I always bring at least 1 bring along for their advice. Advice can be a bittersweet when trying on clothes, so shop with friends who have style similar to you if you are sensitive. Nonetheless, when you go to shop you need to focus! Shopping is serious business!

Shop with a purpose. It is easy to get overwhelmed in stores when you do not have a clear purpose. I like to go into stores with an idea of what I want. For example, if I want new sandals I will start out in the shoes and then head to accessories and later apparel. Focus can help you me buying pieces that will just sit in your closet taking up valuable space.

Accessorize like CRAZY! Beyonce didn't just stick to the basics with her singing career. She fell drunk in love with being the best and standing above the crowd. You can do the same thing by adding accessories to your wardrobe monthly. Maintain a classic set of arm bangles, a gold watch, a black clutch, and stud earrings. Then add a few pieces of costume jewelry, an extra watch or two, a snakeskin clutch, knee-high socks, and a few rings! You can never go wrong with accessories. Rachel Zoe said it best, "Accessories are everything. To me, they're more important than the clothes."

Find style inspiration before you go shopping. I like to visualize outfits while I am shopping for individual pieces. I have magazine clippings up all over my room for constant inspiration. I really like the denim trend and American Classic style so I try to stick to basic colors and items with clear structured lines. I love structure and darts in my blouses.

Shop at thrift shops & secondhand stores. I have found 50% of my wardrobe in the local Goodwill. I like to go to thrift stores during the week when there is less traffic. Look out for the days that your favorite shops get in new shipments. I know that the Goodwill next to my house gets in new merchandise from Target once a week, so I try to go on that day. Comment below to kind out which day of the week the Goodwill off of Niflong gets Target goods. Don't forget to check out my styling services here and follow me on twitter @thejasminediane.