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5 Ways to Build A Wardrobe

Style, Fashionjasmine diane
5 Ways to Build A Wardrobe

Everyone loves a great deal, right? Do you love to spend your coins in malls? I do, I do. This guide will teach you how to build a wardrobe on a budget. Budgeting is important if you don't want to be broke. Are you ready to learn how to build a wardrobe?


Tip 1: Shop at thrift stores and second hand boutiques. 

70% of my wardrobe comes from thrift stores. I look through magazines for trends and then shop at Goodwill for specific items. I like to go to the Goodwill because they are always having markdowns and usually get in new items from large retailers. I have found a lot of brand new Target items at Goodwill. I am not a fan of the Salvation Army. Recently, I bought a pair of cheetah print pumps from Plato's Closet for $12. I saw some really cute Steve Madden shoes, but they were too small. All in all, you all should check out second hand stores & thrift stores.


Tip 2: Shop in your friend & family member closets for special events.

Recycle as many items as possible. I love swopping out skirts & jewelry with my friends before we go out! I am a huge fan of sharing when it comes to special nights. Two closets are always better than one. If you have a friend that's the same size as you, peak into her closet and see what you can find!


Tip 3: Shop at large retailers who have weekly sales & seasonal markdowns.

I find tons of deals & on trend items at large retailers like Target, Kohl's, and Marshalls. Check out TJ Maxx as well. I love shopping at Target for shoes, bags, jewelry, and dresses. They always have the cutest prints. Marhsalls has great deals on everything. Kohl's has the most comfortable flats ever! I love my patten leather flats so much that I have them in 3 colors! Target & Kohl's run weekly ads & Marshalls prices are always reasonable. Mix and match items from each store to complete your wardrobe.


Tip 4: Shop off season and on clearance racks. 

I like to snatch items once they are on sale. I never pay full price for anything...except for shoes. I am starting to invest into my shoe collection so I like to splurge here and there on pumps, flats, and sandals. I love wedges to be more specific. As far as sales go, look out for semi-annual and season ending sales. They always have the best deals!


Tip 5: Spend 65% of your wardrobe on classic items and 35% of your wardrobe budget on trendy items.

Trends change so often that it can be expensive to keep up, so my strategy is to spend money on classic items year round and shop trendy items seasonally. I try to find trendy items at thrift stores & look for classic pieces in department stores. Quality is VERY important when buying items that you plan to wear for a while. My favorite place to shop for trendy items is Forever21 and for classic items I love different department stores, but for the most part I stick to thrift stores or Target.

I hope this helped. Go build your wardrobe + send me pictures of your closet via twitter @thejasminediane.

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