5 Things Every Startup Needs for Better Branding (Free Download)

5 Things Every Startup Needs for Better Branding

When I think about good brands there are two things that stand out: VISUALS AND COMMUNICATION. Rather it's a brand's Instagram feed, packaging, photography or newsletters.

What your startup puts out on social media, during interviews, and website matters. Visuals are not everything, but they will help lead to more leads and conversions. You may be thinking, I'm just one person, I'm not Apple or Nike.

Yes, this may very well be true but starting things with the end in mind helps startups become mega brands like Apple and Nike.

The problem with a lot of small business owners is that they simply do not have the same time and resources of big brands. However, that is not an excuse to create subpar content, products and experiences.

You can do better. Make today the first day of raising the bar with your brand's visuals and communication. Here are 5 things every small business owner must do for better branding.

Find Inspiration

Inspiration provides an open door to better branding. You must find ways to stay interested in not only your brand, but your industry as a whole. Staying up to date on trends and current events, is vital for small business owners. A mix of tangible and online resources make the perfect inspiration mix.

Here are a few places that I find inspiration for branding and style:

  1. Pinterest

  2. Instagram (Save the content that moves you.)

  3. Stylecaster.com

  4. Refinery29.com

  5. AdWeek.com

  6. Vogue Magazine

  7. InStyle Magazine

  8. Advertising E-newsletters

  9. Stevengphotography.com

  10. Shoes

Create Systems

Systems are ways of doing things, rather that's how you create emails, how you write your content, how you choose to sponsor local events, etc. Systems help to keep order and balance. Systems also allow for hiring out tasks. Brands with good branding, typically have a talented team working behind the scenes.

I understand that hiring out help is difficult and expensive, but the payoffs are undeniable. Systems of business, allow for seamless transitions of power. For example, if you started a photography brand and never trained an assistant, what happens when you're late and your equipment isn't setup? Or what if you're a blogger who writes amazing content, but doesn't understand how to input your content into your online blog? Things fall a part

However, when you can create a system that masks your weaknesses through the strengths or knowledge of someone else, you will succeed.

Complete a Brand Assessment

When was the last time you took a step back to assess your brand's performance? It may have been years ago or you may have never done this. Now is the perfect time to assess your brand, set goals and pay yourself on the back for what you've accomplished.

Here are 4 things to include in your brand assessment:

  1. Number of sales this year

  2. Revenue this year

  3. Social media growth this year

  4. Screenshots of your visual content (social, packaging, newsletter, etc.)

Branding with Jas

I know it's tough balancing your 9 to 5, family and side hustle without losing your mind. I get that you want to "do it all" and still be fly on the gram, but you lack the strategy and resources to build an impactful brand. I will help you gain clarity on your social media strategy and content plan to attract the right audience.

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Be Innovative

Think outside the box and screen to win at branding. You have to get away from "doing" and start "thinking innovation" to stand out from your competition. For example, when was the last time you created video content? A content series? Went to a networking event alone? Styled your products for a new demographic?

Innovation comes alive when we break routine. You can be innovative without recreating the wheel. For example, there are a ton of branding experts but my voice and niche are unique to me. I use my experiences to inform my content and marketing strategies

Think about new ways to tell a new story. How could you put a new spin on organizing an office? Wearing makeup? Empowering women?

Look to your inspiration above for innovative thought starters. Stop putting limits on your mind.

I hope that this post empowered you to brand your startup better in 2019. Click here to download

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