5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About LinkedIn

5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About LinkedIn
5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Yes? No? For the next few weeks I'll be digging deeper into building a stronger LinkedIn profile with easy steps. If you haven't already... go read 5 Silly Mistakes You're Making on LinkedIn before you read this post. Now that housekeeping is taken care of, let's get into 5 myths about LinkedIn that you need to stop believing. 

Myth #1: LinkedIn is Only For Old People

Scratch that. LinkedIn is for anyone looking for a job and to build their professional network. You are never too young to start an account. If you've got a resume then you need a LinkedIn profile. I started my profile in college without have ever having a full-time job. Build your network while you build your experience. If you stay ready then you don't have to get ready.

Myth #2: It Doesn't Help People Get Jobs

This is pure foolishness. We live in a technology lead society, sis. LinkedIn is the easiest way to get discovered online without having an actual profile. Quiet as it's kept, I have a bomb friend who works at Vogue Magazine because the recruiter found her on LinkedIn. Stop sleeping on this site! 

Myth #3: It's All About Connections

Nope. Connections are great, but the right connections open doors. Do not just add anyone who request you. Look for familiar faces when connecting on LinkedIn. Ask yourself if this person can speak to your work ethic or integrity? If they can't then chances are you can let that connection sit in your inbox until you're personally invested in cultivating a relationship with this individual.

Myth #4: Nobody Is Checking My Profile

Somebody is always watching, know that. Did you know that there is a feature where people can view your profile undetected? Yep. I can't stress this enough, recruiters are checking LinkedIn so you need to be there with an amazing profile.

Myth #5: LinkedIn is Not a Social Network

LinkedIn is one of my favorite social networks because I can share all of my experiences, both professional and blog related. It's the perfect place to creep on industry professionals and share articles of your work. You can direct message peeps, share your resume, read industry knowledge and join professional groups/forums... that all sounds social to me. 

That's a wrap, sis. I hope that this article helped you to realize that LinkedIn is bae. You have to learn how to use this tool if you want to advance your career. 

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