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5 Fall Fashion Staples

Stylejasmine diane
5 Fall Fashion Staples

Fall is finally here! Time for layers, hot cocoa, my birthday, and "cuffing season." In other words, its the season where people eat, fall in love, and give gifts. I love fall for all of those reasons and more, but the most important is FALL FASHION. Each season, I try to add at least 5 new staple items into my wardrobe. Here are my 5 Fall Fashion Staples for this year with pictures + details!


Oversized bag

You can't go wrong with an oversized bag. I just so happen to have just written a post about this one. You can view the post here. Oversized bags for fall are great because they can be utilized as laptop holders, backpacks, places to store gloves, and a coat rack all in one place. Pick an oversized bag that's on trend for the season, so thats a red, green, or gray if you're not into black. I opted for color to add some personality to my wardrobe because I tend to dress in monochrome or super casual.


Denim jacket

Denim, denim, and more denim for fall. Start with a denim jacket that is fitted closely, but not tight. Denim jackets add shape and contrasts to basic looks. I like to throw on my denim jacket with Converse and a dress or chinos and heels. Darker washes look more sophisticated in my opinion. If you want a relaxed look, go for a light wash like this jacket that I'm wearing. Either way, go buy a denim jacket or put your current denim jacket to use.


Plum lipstick

Plum lipstick is in, so sorry to everyone who is over dark lips. I am obsessed with a few of my plum lipsticks. You can read more about my 3 Fall Must Have Lipsticks here. If you're afraid to try plum then start with red and work your way to the purples. Bright eyes + plum lips are my fall go to look. Still not convinced? Check out my makeup board on Pinterest.


Dark denim

Dark denim is so fall. Pair your leather jacker + fringe booties with a dark denim pant or go all out and wear a dark denim jumpsuit like I did in this post. Dark denim looks warm + cozy, which are both sooooo fall. If you're anything like me then you like your denim distressed. Don't be afraid to wear dark denim with leather panels or patches. Try something new with your dark denim this fall!


Graphic t-shirt

Graphic t-shirts are staples in my wardrobe all year-round, but particularly in the fall because I like to alter t-shirts with flannels and chunky necklaces. Don't be afraid to shop in the men's department or children's department for t-shirts. H&M has a great selection of men's t-shirts and JCP has cute graphic t-shirts. Both of these stores are inexpensive. If you're a thrifter, try your local Goodwill for fun graphic t-shirts. I love vintage, crew neck t-shirts or stripe tees. Experiment with necklines to see which type you like the best.

Thank you for checking out my 5 Fall Fashion Staples! I hope that this guide helped you decide what to shop for this season. Fall is here, which means that winter is right around the corner. Start prepping your closet by purchasing these items or pulling them out of storage. You don't need a lot of items in your closet to be stylish, just the correct fashion staples.