4 Ways to Smile More

Change your look.

You've been dying to get that pixie cut. What's holding you back? Do it! I loved my short hair, but I got tired of it so I'm trying something new. Lately I've been taking Biotin vitamins to grow my hair out. Recently, I added a few blonde pieces to the front as well. You should go ahead and go through with your big chop or extensive color change. Besides, it's just hair!

Donate your time and resources to those in need.

It is always great to give back! I love working for Show Me Shoes because they honestly give all that they have to the women and girls in the communities that they are a part of. I love speaking with high school girls from the heart of Kansas City because they can relate to me and I can encourage them like tons of women encouraged me. If everyone working to get ahead reaches back to help someone else than this generation could start a positive revolution. Find an organization or cause in your community and get busy!

Set special time aside to be alone with your thoughts, weekly.

I know you're busy with your family and career, but darling you need to sit yourself down and collect your thoughts. I like to spend my off day laying around on my computer looking for inspiration or out shopping and eating non fast food meals. It pays to treat yourself. No one is going to treat you better than you treat yourself, so pamper yourself! Invest in yourself by getting a mani and pedi once or twice a month. Try out a new nail color or design this week!

Pick up a new hobby or an old one that you swept under the rug.

Drake said it best, "When is the last time that you did something for the first time?" Plainly put, get off of your butt and do something new! Life is passing you by while you sit and watch. I know you're busy and you just want to rest, but hobbies are a great way to keep your mind off of stressful tasks and keep you from worrying. Not to mention that hobbies such as scrapbooking, cooking, and bike riding can be great ways to relax. I am committed to reading again. In high school, I read 1 novel a day. I can't even tell you the last time that I read a book for fun, so I have decided to throw caution to the wind and read this summer. What about you?

How do you stay happy? What hobbies give you the most fulfillment? Please leave your comments below.

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