#NoWaistNovember Is Here

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Photos by Steven G // I am being compensated by 9Round Waldo for this post, but all views are my own.

Are you ready for #NoWaistNovember? I’m back with another Instagram fitness challenge to inspire you to get snatched and to hold myself accountable. This month’s challenge, #NoWaistNovember, is to do 15 workouts in 30 days. I am partnering with 9Round Waldo to ensure that I meet my fitness goals.

Click here to check out highlights of last month’s fitness challenge and download this month’s Instagram Stories template. Make sure you use the template and tag me in your Instagram Stories so I can encourage you and share to my Stories!

The Tea

I have been working out consistently since September and have noticed some changes in the way my clothes fit and A LOT of changes in how I feel. I practically jump out of the bed in the mornings with energy for my 5:30am workouts and I feel less sluggish throughout the day.

But, I’m not pleased with the number on the scale or my tummy that seems to keep rolling over. I can’t do anymore stretch marks. Sis, I’m tired!

The Change

It’s very important to me that I change my lifestyle to lose weight and not just lose a ton of weight on a crash diet then gain it all back. The cycle is hard to break, but I’m committed.

I wish I could get rid of this gut and still eat like I want to… but that’s impossible. So, this month I’ve decided to dump fast food, eat way less sugar and join 9Round Waldo. I’m really excited to start burning more calories during my workouts. I burned 285 calories in 30ish minutes at 9Round Waldo last week and my mind was blown.

Stick around to see how my life and body change in the next 90 days thanks to 9Round Waldo. #NoWaistNovember is going to be life-changing. Join me and don’t look back! You can do it.

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