3 Ways to Keep Sparks Flying in Your Relationship

Are you dating? Looking for love? In a long-distance relationship? No matter what the case might be there's always room for a little more spice. I wanted to revisit this post because all too often I see millennials gloating about not needing anyone. I'm all for having your own, but in the wise words of Drake, "One day you'll figure out that you're gonna need someone." 

I worked with an elderly lady at Dillard's who was married for 22 years. She has been a widow for over two decades now. I asked her if she ever thought about getting remarried when her husband died and she told said, "Never, no one will ever compare." Hearing that alone made me realize that soul mates do exist and just maybe my boyfriend and I are on the right track.

I say all this to say that you should invest in your relationship! Keep scrolling to read 3 ways to keep sparks flying in your relationship.

Write each other love notes.

Ever so often give your boo a hand written love note like in grade school. I like to send sweet text messages every night as well. It feels good ending my night smiling and thinking about the love of my life. If you live with your significant other, then try leaving post-it notes with sweet phrases around the house. Write in secret codes that only you and your lover will understand. Spice things up starting today!

Spend time doing simple things together.

What did you and your boo like to do together before you got caught up with life? Was it bowling or taking long walks after dinner? Or maybe looking at the stars together. Whatever it was, get back to it! Don't let the kids or school or work get in between the fire that was sparked between you guys. Life is short and people don't last forever, so make time to show your lover how much they matter to you.

Compliment one another.

Simple say sweet things to the person that you love. Ladies, it's always great to stroke a man's ego. Even if it's just little things like, "Baby, your cologne smells nice today." I know that may sound a little corny, but you get the general idea. Saying little things can go a long way.

I am still young and learning what it takes to be in a relationship, but I do know that love and affection should be a top priority. When you have someone special they will bring out the best in you. 

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