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3 Ways to Get Your Fire Back

Lifestylejasmine diane
3 Ways to Get Your Fire Back
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This post is dedicated to the women who hustle, who dream, who inspire, and still don't quit! No matter what you go through or lose in life,  you can always get your fire back.

Remember where you started

I started blogging on my mom's apartment floor with no experience and a brokenhearted. I was going through the toughest breakup of my life and then God granted me the privilege to share my story with the world. Do not fret small beginnings. I used to take my site photos with my cell phone and web cam. Start with what you have and never quit! You will get there. You can see some of my older posts if you dig back far enough.

Remember why you started

Why did you start designing? Geesh you are absolutely qualified for every amazing thing that is happening for you. Don't let your fire die because of outsiders. Click here to read Why Need to Remove Yourself from the Noise.

Remember where you want to go

Where do you see yourself in 1 year? You will regret giving up. Stop looking for the easy road and get things done. Time waits for no one, so dry those tears, grab some ice cream, and get back in the groove of things. Nobody cares that he left you, she died, they turned their back on you, etc. Work hard and find the passion so it doesn't feel like work. I promise you that you will see results sooner than later.

It's really that simple. You have to choose to get your fire back and you will because you are strong, beautiful, passionate, and determined. If you weren't all of those amazing things you wouldn't have finished reading this post. Stop second guessing yourself and choose you! You're worth it!

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