3 Reasons to Absolutely Support Your Local Girl Gang

3 Reasons to Absolutely Support Your Local Girl Gang
3 reasons to absolutely support your local girl gang

Who Run the World?


Do you support your local girl gang? Do you shop with your friends or are you constantly asking for free product? Do you share your friend's business links? Do you come to their events? Are you sending potential clients their way? These are all ways to support your local girl gang and here are 3 reasons to absolutely support your local girl gang.

To Gain Credibility

If you're a blogger or business owner it is important to align yourself with brands that serve a similar customer base. Big brands will always have bigger budgets, but smaller businesses have the power of community and good customer service. Do not be afraid to collaborate with other small business owners in your area. Become a local celebrity by partnering with everyone in your area.

Expand Your Professional Network

Supporting your local girl gang means connecting with women in your niche. For example, as a lifestyle blogger focus on post grad life I choose to work with brands/businesses that focus on college girls, inexpensive living and goal building. If your niche is statement necklaces, you might search for bloggers who target trendy or flashy millennial women with discretionary income.

Because You May Need Them in the Future

Bingo! You will need them to share your links, come to your events and send customers your way in the future. Spread love and you will receive love. It's a lot easier to get people to come out to your events when you've been a guest at their event. Support is vital to success and growth.

Shop With My Favorite Girl Gangs

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