3 Mistakes I Made Last Valentine's Day

3 Mistakes I Made Last Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is almost here! Excuse me as I squeal in excitement. Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite holiday and it has been since I was a kid. Valentine's Day always meant candy, fancy dinner and shopping in my household. My parents were my first Valentine's and I will forever love them for teaching me to cherish myself even when I was too immature to get it. Below are 3 Mistakes I Made Last Valentine's Day and ways to do better!

Cooking Dinner
Let's just say that I wasn't really into cooking last year. Times have changed, but last year I felt like I had to prove that I was a woman by having someone special to cook for. How clueless was I? Cooking should be about the food not seeking validation. I really wanted Chinese and wine with a tub of ice cream, but I opted to "cook dinner." Eh, you live and you learn. This Valentine's Day I will NOT be in anyone's kitchen. I'm opting for takeout Chinese!

Not Spoiling Myself
I just completely forgot about the fact that I could treat myself. This year, I am doing just that. Last year, I was waiting for my parents do something special for me or my ex-bf because they were who I expected to love me. I completely ignored the fact that I could love and spoil myself. Ladies, do yourself a huge favor and treat yourself. This year I'm spoiling myself with a full body massage and new pair of shoes, pending I start my new job soon. LOL

Hitting Up My Ex
THIS WAS THE WORST THING, EVER. I mean, Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite holiday so it wouldn't be right to celebrate alone, right? Wrong. Never go back to the past for temporary comfort. I knew better, but I was so scared of being alone that I chose to go back to my ex when he made it clear that he wasn't feeling me. (He had a thing with someone I can't STAND!) Ouch.

Long story short, be better than me this Valentine's Day and spend it with the person or people that make you feel special 365 doing something fulfilling. Maybe that means rock climbing with your sisters or shopping with your cousins. Whatever it may be, enjoy it. Do not use Valentine's Day as an excuse to go back to the past like I did.

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