23 Things to Experience Before Turning 2-3 + Free Printable
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2015 is the year for fearlessness and unlocking purpose, so I decided to create a list of daring things I would like to do before my 23rd birthday in October. I've really enjoyed being 22 thus far and I plan to make the most out of the rest of my living days. What about you?
Check out this list then create 1 of your own. Add a few things that seem impossible and see what happens. I created this list in October and have already done a few things on it! Enjoy!
1. CONQUER FEAR OF HEIGHTS: Ride in a hot air balloon or airplane
2. GET OUT OF THE MIDWEST: Relocate to Atlanta, GA or Dallas, TX
3. GRADUATE: Graduate from the University of Missouri
4. GET FIT: Maintain desired weight of 150 pounds
5. TRAVEL: Visit Atlanta, GA
6. TRAVEL:Visit Chicago, IL
7. EXPLORE ART: Visit 3 different museums
8. EXPLORE ART: Go to a music concert
10. BLOG GOALS: Monetize JasmineDiane.com
11. EXPLORE: Go camping
12. BEAUTY: Get highlights or change hair color
 13. CHALLENGE MYSELF: Draft my first ebook
14. EXPLORE: Lay outside in the darkest of night to count the stars then stay awake to watch the sunrise
15. EXPLORE ART: See Strivers Row Live

16. FIRST TIME: See the beach

17. FIRST TIME: Take up yoga

18. READY TO DO IT AGAIN: Go canoeing
 19. GET FIT: Run one mile in 10 minutes flat
20. BEAUTY: Grow out hair
21. BLOG GOALS: Reach 100,000 page views for JasmineDiane.com
22. CONQUERING FEAR: Land full-time job
 23. EXPLORE: Try 1 new cuisine
What do you plan to do this year? Do you have any goals for this month or even this life or your year? Don't let life pass you by! If you're feeling uninspired you should listen to Les Brown or Eric Thomas. They are two of my absolute favorite motivational speakers! Peace and love!
Ps. Let's connect on instagram! I'm a pretty cool person to follow from day-to-day! Ha.