Why You Should Start a Blog

Why You Should Start a Blog
#1 Reason in the World That You Need to Start a Blog

The number one reason that you need to start a blog is to inspire. We want to hear your story and frankly we need it. Your voice and opinion matters more than you could ever imagine. There are millions of bloggers, but you're reading my blog because something about Jasmine Diane resonates with you.

Similarly, your voice and vibes will resonate with your readers. Have your ever thought about what draws you to your favorite people? Why do you admire _____? Who inspires you to be better?

You need to start sharing your story this year, rather its through a blog, podcast, YouTube channel or a singular social media platform. Your voice needs to be heard because it matters. Nobody else could conquer the things that you've overcome with such grace and strength. There is not a single soul that can share your testimony like you.

Are you convinced yet? I mean, what's holding you back from starting your blog? Block out your fears.

Blogging Changed My Life

Blogging has single handedly changed my life. I started blogging in November 2012 during Thanksgiving Break of my sophomore year of college. My high school boyfriend whom I continued a toxic relationship with into college and I had finally called it quits, for good. This was before a couple of not so classy run ends, but those stories shall die with me. If you've ever had a broken heart, then you can relate.

Okay, back to my story.... So I started blogging with no experience or direction. I just knew that I wanted to write and to inspire. I knew that my story would touch millions of lives. Yes, this was before I was ever paid a single penny to cover an event, create a website or manage a single social media account. Honestly, Instagram wasn't even popping yet and Snapchat didn't even exists.

Start Now

I started out with my laptop, stolen celebrity pictures and a crazy obsession with designing my blog. I was fascinated with changed my colors and layout. My first blog, Thee Fashion Stories, had a new layout almost monthly. This was before I knew the importance of branding. I didn't purchase a camera until last fall, so I would have my friends take pictures of me with my cell phone or I would setup shoots on my balcony with my webcam.

Looking back, it's hilarious but I was literally so hungry to blog that I wouldn't take no for an answer. It didn't matter that I didn't have the top resources or that my posts had little direction. I believed in my site and I shared it.... okay I spammed the heck out of my Facebook and twitter pages.

It’s a Journey

Three years later, I've covered Kansas City Fashion Week more than a handful of seasons, was an ambassador for Saint Louis Fashion Week, done a handful of sponsored post, created social media memes for a national television network, worked as a YouTube host/stylist for my school's Book Store, interned with Show Me Shoes, spoken at conferences and so much more simple because I decided to share my story online via my blog.

I say all of this to say that, starting is the biggest part of your journey. An old Chinese Proverbs says, "A journey starts with a single step."

I agree and want to add that starting with what you have is the absolute best thing that you could ever do for yourself. Sometimes sharing the good times makes them seem to lasts longer and sharing the heartache takes away some of the pain.

We need your story, honey. Click here to download a list of 10 apps I use to manage my blog and business.

Thanks for reading! Peace.