brand coaching

I know that you are a hard worker, but you need more than long hours and exhausted resources to be a successful business owner. I will help you gain clarity to become a money making brand. You need a strategy to meet goals and collect coins. Hire me to help you to turn your side hustle into a money making business.


The Details

How It Works

Step 1: Fill out brand coaching form below.

Step 2: Pay financial investment

Step 3: Jas will send coaching questionnaire, event marketing checklist and branding ebook 

Step 4: Schedule strategy call with Jas

Step 5: Strategy call takes place


What You Will Gain from Brand Coaching:

Clarity and confidence to meet your business goals.

Strategy and support to make effective changes in your business.


What Happens During Coaching:

  • Goal Setting
  • Content Creation Strategy Development
  • Social Media Assessment
  • Encouragement 



Kyrie Eleison Apparel
I left our session not overwhelmed with info, but with clear and actionable steps. Jasmine has given me the inspiration I needed to move forward with my business vision. She has helped me to realize the value of my skills and services, and to become confident in what I have to offer.  She’s the ideal coach and I look forward to our success!
— Esmeralda of Kyrie Eleison Apparel



Are you ready to transform your business or personal brand? Take control of your post grad journey? Brand Coaching is perfect for you if you already have a small business or side hustle that you want to get off of the ground. We will create a marketing strategy to get your brand in front of the right audience at the right time.




  • Event Marketing Checklist
  • 1 30-Minute Strategy Call

Investment: $75



  • Event Marketing Checklist
  • Personal Branding 101 Ebook
  • 1 60-Minute Strategy Call

Investment: $150



  • Event Marketing Checklist
  • Personal Branding 101 Ebook
  • 1 60-Minute Strategy Call
  • 30 Minute Follow-Up Call

Investment: $200

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