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Female Bosses 101: ZaMar Lewis

ZaMar Lewis' style is second to none. I always find myself double tapping her Instagram pictures so when I wanted to start doing interviews again, I had to reach out via DM. I’ve never seen someone create such eye-catching looks with bold colors and prints consistently. She literally nails every single look. Keep scrolling to learn more about the stylish and super talented, ZaMar Lewis.

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#BlackGirlMagic with Vanne McMillan

Dare to dream, they say. Vanne McMillan is #BlackGirlMagic, effortlessly. I'm not just talking about her career success, bomb style and colorful hair... it's her easy Kansas City girl demeanor and fearlessness that inspires me. I have been following Vanne for a couple of years now and her growth is unmatched.

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