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Top 7 Devotionals for Women in Their 20s

It can be difficult to find a devotional that speaks to your heart and spirit, so I wanted to share a few devotionals that have changed my life. I try to read 1 devotional passage per day. You can find an archive of some quotes and scriptures that have stood out to me in the past via my Instagram Highlights here. I pray that this post encourages you to spend some quiet time with the Lord.

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We Got Married at Unbridaled

We got married, y’all! I am so excited to finally sit-down to tell the full story. My husband and I were engaged a little under four months. We hadn’t really done any concrete planning after looking at the outrageous prices of everything that we wanted for our wedding. But God!

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10 YouTube Videos Every Black Woman Needs to Watch

Today I'm sharing 10 YouTube videos every Black women needs to watch. I'm a sucker for a good motivational speech. Isn't everyone? 

Sometimes I get tired of listening to music at work, so I started listening to sermons and motivational speeches. Below are links to videos that make boring and scary days better. I hope that post inspires you beyond measure!

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How to Style Knee High Boots

Knee high boots? Yes. Church girls can wear knee high boots, too. Maybe you already knew that, but I didn't. There was something in my mind telling me to stay away from knee high boots, lace and cropped tops. But I am defying fashion rules from here on out. Modesty is one of those topics that we shy away from in the fashion blogging community.

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